Art Therapy

Depending on a client's needs and preferences, I can offer verbal or art psychotherapy.

Art therapy is a creative branch of psychotherapy which uses art (drawing, painting, collage, sculpture) as a powerful means of self-expression, discovery and transformation. Creativity, the desire to create, is in all of us, not just artists or children. No previous artistic experience is necessary, and this modality is effective with people of all ages. Art therapy allows access to feelings and personal exploration that can be difficult to access through words alone.

Art-making and shared reflection allow for a rare view of your inner world, at both conscious and unconscious levels. Over time, as more creative, imaginative and playful aspects of the self are explored in relationship to your art and your therapist, increasing flexibility, more adaptable ways of meeting life's stresses and movement towards more complex levels of psychological organization become available.

The potential for a learning beyond language and intellect is possible through Art therapy.

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